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The Full-Proof Checklist to Hiring a Designer

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So you're ready for a rebrand, but you're not totally sold on which web designer to hire yet. Our Full-Proof Checklist for Hiring the Right Designer will allow you to effectively select the ideal designer for you! As web designers/developers with 10+ years experience in the field, we'll cover the most relevant questions pertaining to any project. Here are some topics we'll cover, just to name a few...

What types of brands and businesses do your web design candidate typically work with? (And why this is important...)

Will the candidate be able to highly customize your website if needed (i.e. via custom code like CSS and HTML). 

Are stock images and copywriting included as part of the design and development process?

Will my website appear on all relevant search engines, and how do you test to make sure it is running smoothly?

Is SEO included in the launch process, and who will ultimately take ownership of the site?

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