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Grow Your Instagram Following in 2020

The seemingly difficult but extremely sought after topic: How in the heck am I supposed to grow my Instagram following when the algorithm seems to change daily??

How to grow your audience shouldn't be a secret, and we're here to offer some advice that has proven to work very well for us in 2020! Let's dive in:

1. Post engaging, authentic content.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? The truth is though, not all accounts are able to successfully establish a branded "flow" that is engaging enough to retain followers. The trick? What we've noticed to be working best for us is implementing consistent filters on photos (make sure they are high quality!), using brand-identifiable fonts and colors, and following up with an engaging question in your caption that will increase your engagement, thereby helping your account "beat" the algorithm.

2. Interact with other accounts A LOT.

You can scroll through your IG feed all day long liking posts, but the true key is commenting on other users' posts. P.S. By commenting, we don't mean posting things like "OMG" or "LOVE" or "YASSS." We mean longer, more thought out comments that provoke further conversation surrounding the topic. These thoughtful comments show others on Instagram that you are active and caring, which then draws them back to your own page out of curiosity. Aside from actively posting content, this is an integral part to growing your audience.

3. Don't be afraid to show your face and be yourself!

A brand (especially a personal brand) is nothing without the person or people behind it! Hiding behind your brand name will only hurt you in your attempt to generate interest around your business. It has been statistically proven that photos with people in them receive more engagement than posts without people in them, and the same applies to business accounts. Demonstrating who you are, your capabilities, and your intellect allow followers and prospective clients to gain trust in you without even meeting you in person! Demonstrating who you are helps you gain credibility with your audience and allows them to get to know your brand on a more personal level.

As a recap, the key in growing your audience on Instagram is providing relevant, engaging content, interacting with other users, and demonstrating who you are. We hope this is helpful! Please reach out to us for your branding needs. :-)

-Josh & Jay

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