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How to Improve Your Business Strategy During Covid-19

While most of the country (and frankly, the entire world) is sheltering in place, many businesses are experiencing a slow in action, and consequently, sales. The question we see being posed a lot is this: How do I improve my business strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic? Surprisingly enough, slow times like this can be a blessing in disguise if you transform your nervous energy into productivity.

Here are some activities that are beneficial to perform in order to stay productive during the Covid-19 hysteria - or any slow season of business:

1. Focus on a rebrand.

Have you been wanting to change up the look and feel of your business, but you literally never have time to focus on it? Now is the time! Whether you mock up a new logo, website, and social media look yourself or outsource it to a specialist, slow seasons of business are absolutely the time to focus on your brand's look and "feel." As a bonus, switching up your look can draw more attention to your brand from current customers and prospective customers!

2. Do your research.

What are people most focused on right now? Coronavirus, of course! In order to become top of mind with your audience, tap into ways that will increase awareness of your brand by associating your business with Covid-19 - or solutions to the crisis. Some ways to achieve this? Offer up solutions as to how your business is adapting to the virus or how your business can help minimize worry/risk during this time of sheltering in place.

3. Re strategize your marketing plan.

Use social media to your advantage. A majority of the web surfing population is on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok throughout the day right now, increasing the length of "prime posting time" each day. Utilize social media analytics (or hire someone to assist you with this) to discover the best times to post on each platform, and get your message out there. Offer deals to clients where you can, but above all, continue to provide valuable content to your audience!

4. Participate in community outreach, and document it.

Charitable donations are essential during this period of crisis, and what better way to raise funds than to donate a percentage of your profits to a charity of your choice. Be sure to make your digital audience aware of your fundraiser via email, text, or social media. This strategy will also help increase awareness of your business as a local and/or global brand.

The Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine is pretty terrifying when you step back and observe, but there are still many ways to be productive during this inevitable slow in business. As a recap, focus on examining your brand from as many angles as possible: your look and feel, your digital marketing strategy, your content creation, and a philanthropy of your choice. And as always, we are here to help with any of your brand's digital needs! Reach out today to see how we can help. :-)

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