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Optimize RentCafé Website | Improve Speed and Organic SEO with These Expert Tips!

Updated: Mar 7

Is your RentCafé or RentCaffeine website running slowly? Not sure how to improve your organic SEO so that your company or community becomes more searchable? Great news! There are some simple and pivotal steps you can take to significantly improve your RentCafé website speed and SEO. Learn how to optimize your SEO tags, website copy, and website images for better performance with the following expert tips!

1. How to Optimize RentCafé SEO Tags

When writing SEO tags for each page of your website, it is very important to optimize both your character count and keywords. Optimizing keywords in your tags involves target market research combined with the effective wordsmithing of your company's or community's core offerings. (We utilize both Google Analytics and Semrush to enhance the keywords featured in our clients' RentCafé SEO tags.)

As for character count, this aspect of SEO tag optimization is more cut and dry. The following are rules of thumb when it comes to writing SEO tags (this goes for any website platform - not just RentCafé):

  • H1: 60 characters max

  • Title tags: 50-60 characters (RentCafé allows 70 characters max)

  • Meta descriptions: 155 characters (RentCafé allows 156 characters max)

Furthermore, it is crucial that each H1, title tag, and meta description be unique; this means that no two website pages should have identical descriptions. Duplicate descriptions can confuse both search engines for indexing purposes as well as the end user in deciphering the information that will be displayed on each website page.

Example RentCafé SEO tags for Contact page:

2. How to Optimize RentCafé Website Copy:

Optimizing your website copy involves more than just cramming in as many keywords as possible; it involves a synthesis of communicating your brand's unique voice paired with solving the problems of your prospects. This is what will ultimately result in generating more leads and capturing your desire audience. Below are 4 tips that will help you better optimize website copy for your company or your community:

  1. Don't save the best for last! Attention spans are low; this means you must communicate the most important details first. For example, be sure to include any rent specials near the top of your landing page or in a pop-up. Make sure to also highlight company perks or awesome community features near the top of the page.

  2. Get to the point! Although it's crucial to include brand and location-based keywords throughout your website copy, it is also important to eliminate excess "fluff" from your paragraphs. This helps keep your readers' interest and directs them to perform the desired action (e.g. unit selection or contact form submission).

  3. Don't forget your CTAs (calls to action)! CTAs are important ways to funnel viewers through your website. Your home page is likely where most of your website viewers first land and begin their search journey. Including a variety of CTAs on your home page will help website viewers navigate to where they want to go on your website more quickly. Ideally, your CTAs will be in the form of buttons and only 1-3 words in length.

  4. Do thorough keywords research! Again, Semrush is a fantastic platform for analyzing your website keywords. Google Analytics also comes in handy for discovering the keywords that are generating your website the most organic search traffic. As a general rule of thumb, it is ideal to use one focus key phrase per website page (e.g. "studio apartments in Pasadena"). Be sure to also use this focus key phrase in the respective page's SEO tags!

3. How to Optimize RentCafé Website Images:

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to optimizing website images on RentCafé. These rules involve optimizing file sizes, titles, and alt tags:

  1. Be certain that image files uploaded to your site are optimized for web use. Many of your website images may be different sizes or dimensions; however, the largest image file on a website should not exceed 20MB (although, it would ideally be much smaller than this).

  2. Add alt tags (text) to website images. This not only helps your company maintain ADA Compliance, but it also benefits your organic SEO!

  3. Add titles and captions to your photos. These helps your viewers understand what details are in your images.

Breakdown of RentCafé image tags and their meanings:


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