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Emerging 2024 Branding & Web Design Trends in the Multifamily Industry

Updated: Feb 2

2024 is shaping up to be a revolutionary year for new branding and web design trends, and these design shifts extend to multifamily community and company branding. As AI evolves and new features and tech become available to web developers, brand design has become less about simply creating aesthetically pleasing brand elements and website layouts and more about creating immersive experiences that personally engage and inspire end users.

But before we dive any deeper, it is VERY important to note that prior to making any new branding decisions for your multifamily property or company, you and your team MUST revisit your business strategy, target audience, and brand ethos. Your overarching business plan should always set the tone for your branding and web design decisions. Certain emerging design trends can be here today and gone tomorrow, so it is essential to engage in extensive market research before jumping into new strategies. (Contact us to learn how we research your target market prior to designing your brand!)

With the above being said, read below to discover some of the top emerging branding and web design trends coming to multifamily in 2024!


1. Colorful, Complex Graphics (Maximalism)

According to Webflow and other sources, colorful, complex graphics are making a return in the digital and print marketing space in 2024. This movement is a stark contrast to the past decade of white space and minimalistic, ultra-modern designs. From bold patterns and colors to complex page animations, this new wave of immersive design is heavily attributed to major technical advancements over the last handful of years. Web browsers and computers are becoming faster and more equipped to handle design-heavy websites and softwares. Many companies are moving toward the maximalism movement as a way to better and more genuinely express their brand messaging and essence. From a multifamily standpoint, this implies that you no longer need to steer clear of vibrant patterns and colors!

2. Parallax Effects

Remember when parallax scroll effects came into creation nearly a decade ago? A resurgence is on the rise as more and more companies integrate videos and complex images into their website graphics. The new draw to incorporate parallax effects is a testament to brand designers' and web developers' increasing capabilities of creating "out of the box" designs as newer and faster technology continues to emerge. Furthermore, incorporating parallax scroll effects further enhances end users' immersive experiences as they browse the web.

big and bold

3. Big & Bold Typography

As a compliment to the maximalist movement, big and bold typography are also making a comeback in 2024. According to Canva, branding and web design evoking "positivity, fun, and optimism" will be all the rage this year, and this means bright, fluorescent colors schemes and large/rounded sans-serif typeface. Bold, classic fonts paired with bright, neon color schemes will provide a fun touch of dynamic personality for brands as well as an engaging experience for those surfing the web. Multifamily companies and communities may consider incorporating bright, dynamic hero images with large, bold text overlays on their websites.

4. 80's Retroglam Excess

Another tribute to both the maximalism movement and the rise of big and bold typography is the 80's Retroglam revival. According to Wix, this branding and web design movement utilizes approaches like "grainy background textures, soft single-color gradients and heavy use of vintage photography and styling" as well as "old-school magazine layouting techniques." This movement incorporates retro serif fonts and scripts. Designing marketing material that incorporates vintage looks or magazine-style layouts is a fun way to market your community and/ors its upcoming events!

retro glam

5. AI Custom Graphics & Tools

As AI continues to develop and evolve, new tools and features are becoming available for brand designers and web developers to integrate. Some of the most notable AI tools that apply to multifamily thus far are dynamic chatbot features (that respond to unique customer inquiries), AI generated graphics (for custom branded images), and AI generated text (marketing and website copy generated to help improve flow and SEO). When leveraged correctly, AI can be a very powerful tool for enhancing your end user experience and optimizing your search-ability and SEO.

6. Gen Z Aesthetics Wave

In multifamily, Gen Z's purchasing power has been on the rise for several years, and with it comes a major generational shift in desired aesthetics. Gen Z style embodies nostalgic 90's and early 2000's vibes, the maximalism movement, and digital affluence (think Y2K meets retro FX). As more and more of Gen Z enters the multifamily market, it is wise for companies and communities to study their demographics in order to determine if their company and/or property should primarily be appealing to this generation.

retro grunge

Staying on top of emerging branding and web design trends in the multifamily industry requires a keen understanding of the societal and market trends that will shape its future. J&J Creative will partner with you to help you identify your target market, design your unique brand, and develop and maintain your website by leveraging emerging technologies. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation! 

“People relate to people, and if your brand feels like people, they’ll relate to you, too.” -Laura Busche

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