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2024 Multifamily Real Estate Marketing Guide: 5 Online Marketing Strategies that Stand the Test of Time

Just like all aspects of multifamily real estate marketing, it can feel like online marketing is a shifting, growing discipline that requires adaptation and innovation to stay afloat. Algorithm updates alone can make internet marketing feel daunting for real estate owners.

However, there are some core principals that do, and will continue to, stand the test of time. If you can drill down to the foundation of your marketing efforts, you can rework and revamp your strategy to stay relevant while not having to start again from ground zero with each change of the internet tides.

In this post, we will discuss 5 real estate marketing strategies for online marketing that target foundational principals for a long-lasting marketing strategy.

Know Your Target Demographic: Research What Your Residents Value

When looking to build a multifamily marketing strategy that endures through algorithm updates and the like, it's important to work from a foundation that knows what your target demographic values. That information can, with a little bit of time and effort, be found using a tool like SEMrush or Google Analytics for keyword research.

At its most basic, keyword research tells you what kinds of searches users are typing into Google. You can see what features prospective tenants are looking for by looking at how many people are searching for them on Google. If you're not sure where to start, check to see if things you already offer are of interest to search engine users - things like unique amenities, nearby attractions and workplaces, or floor plans.

Once you have a high-value keyword plan, the next step is to implement it - use those keywords on your website. For a starter crash-course on the most important places those keyword phrases should appear, check out our post on SEO tag optimization.

Sell Value: Highlight Your Amenities

list of community amenities on fusion Fort Worth apartments' website

Amenities are value-add components of multifamily real estate marketing strategies, and value is something that will never go out of style. Consumers are always going to make purchase decisions based on value for money, and property owners' best way to stand out from the competition and highlight their property's value is on their amenities page.

While researching what your potential residents value, you will come across amenity-centered keywords (e.g. "apartments with fitness center" or "apartments with washer and dryer") for both community and apartment amenities. Make sure to include those keywords on your amenities page but also in your social media posts and print marketing materials. If your community has a highly sought-after amenities, include it in your branding.

Pro-tip: the more unique the amenity, the better! Things like pickleball courts, eco-friendly living, and free coffee can make it easier to stand out among the competition. Check out this post for amenities trending among renters.

Give Easy Access: Offer a Virtual Tour & Interactive Property Map

interactive map of apartments at fusion fort worth

It's no secret that easy access to information is extremely important in the digital age. Quick answers (that lead to quick decisions) can make the difference between landing and losing a lead.

Aside from an easy-to-access and navigate website, an online virtual tour and interactive property map give prospective residents a better idea of being at your community first-hand and seeing it with their own eyes without having to leave the comfort of their current home. This is great for those planning long-distance moves or for those who wanting to get a feel for the community before committing to a visit.

Create Presence: Invest in Branding

fusion Fort Worth website shown on mobile phone, tablet, and desktop

While branding is a task open to different methodologies, the bottom line is creating a clear, recognizable, cohesive experience for your potential residents (read a more detailed apartment branding guide here). That means things like your community logo design, apartment website design, and print marketing collateral need to send the same message and look like they're coming from the same place. This allows potential residents to recognize your community and easily understand what you're all about.

Capitalize on Current Customers: Deliver 5-Star Customer Service

woman in orange sweater with gold bangles leaving a review on a laptop

We all know that word of mouth is one of the best marketing venues available to us - the best salesperson for anything is someone who already uses and loves a product, service, or in this case, apartment community! High quality reviews are worth their weight in gold for internet marketing. Make sure to pour significant resources into the customer service you provide your current residents. If they have a positive experience, they will be far more likely to leave a positive review for your community when you ask.


The above apartment real estate marketing strategies will give your community the foundation needed to excel in online marketing, even in the midst of all the changes in the current market.

Remember, the underlying principles are what will allow you to create a long-lasting strategy: know your target demographic, sell value, give easy access to information, create a strong community presence, and capitalize on current residents.

If you need help strategizing how you can pursue each of these principles with your own multifamily community, J&J Creative is here for you! Schedule a free consultation today.


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