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Multifamily Real Estate Marketing Trends: How to Attract Residents in 2024

Updated: May 28

If you have been in the Multifamily Real Estate business for any length of time, you know that marketing best-practices change, move, and shift every year. To stay relevant and continue to capture quality leads with your marketing, you need to stay on top of marketing trends for multifamily real estate - know what is working, what isn't, and how the industry is changing.

In this post, we will explore some of the top marketing trends that have proven successful in 2024 and ways that you can tailor your approach to what the modern renter is looking for in an apartment community.

man working on an apple laptop at bar height table by brick wall with painting

Here are some full-proof marketing strategies you can use to attract residents to your multifamily real estate community in 2024:

Target/highlight amenities residents are searching for

When you approach multifamily real estate marketing, you need to keep in mind the intent of your target demographic - what do they want to see? What kinds of features and amenities are they looking for in an apartment community? Here are some of the most popular amenities renters look for in future homes in 2024:

  • Creative working spaces

  • Pickleball courts

  • Secure delivery hubs

  • Smart home tech

  • EV chargers

  • Sustainable living features

  • Wellness amenities like yoga equipment in the fitness center

When building marketing campaigns or writing optimized copy for your webpages, consider targeting keywords surrounding and related to any of these amenities that you offer to capture the right leads.

Elevate/brighten up common areas and community spaces

Especially with work from home becoming a mainstay in our culture, Americans are spending more and more time at home. This stands to reason that the quality of spaces they are able to occupy at home is hugely important in their rental hunt - including community spaces. Rec rooms, co-working spaces, fitness centers, pools, and the like hold more weight for renters than they have in the past simply because they are looking at using them more. Allocate some of your budget to upgrading those community spaces to appeal to those leads looking for quality community amenities.

people standing at a table with cutting boards and tasting food at cooking class

Consider hosting fun resident community events

Make use of your newly-updated community spaces by hosting community events! Not only will this foster community within your apartment property, but you can snap some promotional photos of community spaces in use. Some ideas for community events are:

  • Fitness classes

  • Art classes

  • Cooking classes

  • Business networking

  • Book club

  • Pool party

  • Movie night

Get creative, and come up with ways to use those community spaces. Bonus? Open your events up to the surrounding community and/or potential residents. It will give them an opportunity to experience your awesome facilities and meet some of the current residents - two things that are invaluable when deciding where to live.

Engage in multi-platform marketing campaigns (print, digital, ads, emails, signage etc.)

We know that digital marketing is important, but "older" marketing platforms are not done yet. In fact, the two complement each other. By diversifying your marketing channels effectively, you can build brand trust, reach a larger demographic, and capture more leads. Some highly effective marketing channels to explore are:

  • Website/SEO

  • Email

  • Social media

  • Digital ads

  • Print ads

  • Signs (billboards etc.)

  • Events

Focus on hyper-local branding and marketing strategies and invest more in the development of your community branding

Developing a recognizable brand is incredibly important in today's marketing landscape - brand trust and loyalty are extremely important to the modern consumer. That means creating and sticking to a brand image (read some of the 2024 branding trends here) and messaging across all of your marketing platforms and campaigns!

These Multifamily Real Estate Marketing Trends are a great starting point for your 2024 marketing strategy.

By adopting these innovative marketing trends, you can significantly enhance your property's appeal and attract more prospective residents. Focus on improving and promoting the amenities that matter, hosting engaging social events, and diversifying your marketing efforts to capture a larger and more relevant demographic. Stay ahead of the curve, and watch your multifamily communities thrive in 2024!


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